2017年12月30日 10:47

This year has been amazing for me. As it comes to its end I want to share 10 personal moments. ①The day I found out I was pregnant. I had to pretend I everything was normal but I was dying inside. After all I had a grand slam to play. ②Melbourne 7 weeks pregnant ③Wow I won the Australian Open. I was 9 weeks by than. No one knew outside of venus and my fiancé Alexis ④Everyone got me stuffed animals for my bridal shower. ⑤24 weeks. ⑥bridal shower by thevlvgroup ⑦still hitting at 7.5 weeks ⑧Vanityfair cover of the year for me ⑨Just about ready to pop ⑩The day before I checked into hospital to have my amazing baby[心]