Job Title: Intern for Intel DCAI Incubation and Optane Sales
Location: Shanghai

Description: Data Center and AI Sales is hiring an intern for our incubation and Optane business. If you aim high and would like to work in a MNC company with teammates who have entrepreneurial style and keep the really high growth which has a positive impact to the global market, then this opportunity is for you. We are looking for talents who is passionate about knowing incubation, brainstorming with us for new business, and making impossible possible.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Students who can work 3 days a week for this job.
• Passionate about incubation and high growth business
• Good IT skill, MSFT Office skill, and any tools;
• Aim high, results orientation, detail orientation.
Preferred Qualifications:
• Students who are in your 3rd year of undergraduate study or the 1st year of your graduate study.
• Majored in Science, technology, engineering, mechanical, or business management
• Good written and oral bilingual skills

Job Scope:
• Market Analysis, High value assets management, SWAG management, Sales Force report-out, Team Activity Planning
• Other scope per candidate’s expertise and meaningful conversation with the manager