Dears, my first restaurant in Dubai will open soon. On March 15, 2022, right in front of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, at the Address Boulevard Hotel, something new is going to surprise sophisticated Dubai public.I open a new place for those who want to get an eyeful. The project is called DQ Show & Gastronomy. Having no analogues in the world, the event combines stunning theatrical performance and best gastronomic specialties.
All-inclusive format will allow the visitors not only enjoy the show, but also try the best culinary masterpieces. Rich selection of dishes will satisfy even the most exacting guest. There will be flavorful meat products, ambrosial seafood and premium drinks.
New venue of 2500 square meters takes place in Dubai and accommodates up to 500 people. But the number of visitors will not surpass 300. So each guest will feel comfortable. There is also a big stage of 300 square meters, which has no analogues in this emirate.
On the opening day the guests are going to be surprised by the performances of the best world-class stars, whose names will be revealed later.
I plan to use this platform to interact with fans from all over the world.There is an official website __ DQ Show & Gastronomy with proprietary booking system.
Only those who buy the tickets first will be lucky ones to witness DQ Show & Gastronomy. Once you visit this place, you want to come back: private parties with the best world-class stars, amazing theater performances and the best culinary masterpieces. It is a place of cultural and gastronomic shock. The organizers have been working on this project for a year.